Introducing BAIKAL AI

BAIKAL AI Inc. is a startup focused on artificial intelligence technology founded on June 11, 2019.
We have our own proprietary Korean Natural Language Processing engine (baikal NLP), AI learning dataset studio, AI modeling capability and AI application business to analyze the cognition impairment risk by spontaneous speech.

By Lake Baikal, looking at its deepest and widest view, BAIKAL AI is launched with our vision to contribute to the world widely by the deepest understanding of human nature.

Technology & Products
Baikal AI has three main technologies and products.
No.1 is baikal BRAIN.

baikal Brain is a deep learning technology to discover dementia in the human brain and cognition activity. In particular, this technology analyzes spontaneous speech which represents a very slight symptom of cognitive impairment before manifesting degenerative disease of the nervous system such as Alzheimer's disease, Parkinson’s disease or vascular dementia in the earlier stage of MCI(mild cognitive impairment).

The cognitive impaired speak in another way. We try to detect the features in the articulation, fluency, and semantic language.

After preliminary research on vowels in 2020, we have set up a research team in which neurologists at the Bundang Seoul National University and Chung Ang University hospital (MD.PhD) and language pathologists. In April 2021, speech-based cognitive impairment detection techniques were presented at the Korea Dementia Society conference and the paper is supposed to be published at the end of 2021.

No.2, baikal NLP.

It is a Korean natural language process and morphological analysis SW engine developed by Baikal AI. The most data on the Internet is still written text. The core skill for processing text data is morphological analysis of natural language processing.

Based on our own proprietary technology, we have provided NER(named entity recognition) and a hierarchical question answering system in addition to pretrained models of BERT and ELECTRA.

Sentiment analysis and Knowledge learning will be added. NLP is fundamental to building the AI learning dataset and operating the AI modeling. You can download the programs at our homepage upgraded from time to time. Researchers and students can try it for free for three months.

The last, baikal AI.dalgona

AI technology is building AI learning datasets.The performance of the modeling and working time depends on what data it learns with. After defining the features of data, the acquiring of the raw data, cleaning, labelling,inspection and verifying, in sum, one cycle policy, should be developed in the same and effective studio.

AI.dalgona is one of the best tools which fulfill the requirement of building an AI learning dataset. Management of labeller, task allotment, schedule and working instructions lists in the major function. Both API and on-premise available.

Target & Goal

Our current core business is baikal BRAIN, an AI healthcare service. In particular, we aim to detect cognitive impairment risk earlier by analysing spontaneous speech.

Dementia is the deadliest disease of old age that costs the most not only patients but also families and society. In the upcoming super-old aged society, the prevalence of dementia and mild cognitive impairment is expected to be higher, and the easy and economical way of detecting the cognitive impairment would be essential to us. baikal BRAIN will contribute to the world widely and deeply improving the quality of life for individuals and communities through our AI technology.

As of 2021, 50s and older are about 30% of the whole population, which is more than 15 million people. Around 4 million people subscribe to dementia insurance.


Baikal AI was selected as a TIPS (Tech Incubator for Startup Korea) company by the National Ministry of SMEs and Startups in Korea in April 2021. TIPS is the most prestigious startup support program where the public and private sectors jointly discover and support promising startups with outstanding technology.

With the program of TIPS, we are planning to open a total health care service based on baikal BRAIN technology with the spontaneous speech analysis and dementia research team, named LAGO, by the spring of 2023. Neurologists(clinical doctors), neuropsychologists, and linguistic pathologists at major general hospitals join the team in Seoul. The joint research paper will be published in 2021. Also, it is supposed to expand our business area into a major AI speaker service company after signing an MOU with KT, the largest telecommunication company in Korea.

In 2023, we aim to accomplish frontier technology to begin a speech and text analysis detecting cognitive impairment through the Internet and smartphone APP first.

No.312 Changeui-gwan, Konkuk Univ., 120 Neungdong-ro, Gwangjin-gu, Seoul, 05209, Korea
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How to get there
Take Gwangjin-gu shuttle bus 03, 04 at exit no.1 of Guui Station, Seoul Subway line 2(green line), get off at Gwagnjin Police Station, and five minutes’ walk to our office.